Friday, May 22, 2009

Halfway There

Well, I have survived three full days and nights of Jim being on another continent. Even more impressive is I have survived three full days and nights with two kiddos who miss their daddy. We are actually doing great, (sob!), no really, (sob, sob!) we are all terrific! Jim, just ignore the sobbing....we really are all fine and our dog is still alive. AFter tonight, we will be halfway through our time apart, and I can start counting down the days until Jim is back in my arms. His trip is going well. The kids and I were able to talk to him on the phone Thursday morning, but I don't expect to hear from him again until Sunday. He is trying to post on his new blog whenever he gets a chance, which so far has not been often, but I will take whatever he can give me. Follow his travels and see what God is doing at

Let me brag on how precious and thoughtful and wonderful and sweet and incredible my husband is. He knew that one of the hardest things we would encounter while he was gone was bedtime. Grayson has to, has to, has to have a "goodnight hug and sugar" from his dad each and every night. So, Jim wrote letters to the kids for each night that he was gone and called them his "goodnight hug and sugar." Included with each note to us, is a Bible story for us to read and a small present. So far the kids have gotten toothpaste (Not only did he think I would forget to feed our dog, he also must have thought that I'd forget to brush our kids' teeth and he would come home to more huge dental bills), a new pair of pajamas, and books to read at bedtime. He even threw in a coffee card for me (since he's not here to make my coffee each morning...I know, I'm spoiled) and some new books to read when I'm up in the middle of the night because I can't sleep without him. These little surprises and words of love from Jim have made our transition to bedtime much easier. Is he not unbelievably wonderful, or what? Gosh, I miss him so much.

This week has been busy enough to keep me from dweling on my loneliness too terribly much.
School has been hectic, but fun with awards ceremonies, end of the year parties, and Buddy Fun Day. Presley had her first Buddy Fun Day at school today. She had a blast! I can't believe she is almost officially a first grader. Crazy! I will post on her awards ceremony soon. I also found out that all my students passed the writing TAKS test! 100%! My mom and dad have also been awesome in keeping us busy and checking up on us. I am so proud of Jim and the work God is doing through him. I know he will have so much to tell me when he returns. Thanks for praying for his safety and the trip overall. Only five more days to go!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just Like Daddy

Like a lot of families, we have our best conversations at the dinner table. Often they are very random and come out of nowhere. Take today for example, Jim, Presley, Grayson, and I sat down to our PBJ sandwiches at lunch today and the following conversation was started by my "always full of interesting thoughts and random questions" daughter....

Presley: I wonder what my last name will be when I get married.
Jim (almost choking on his food): Well, I don't think you really need to worry about that anytime soon.
Presley: Yeah, I know. It's against the law for a girl to get married until after she's a teenager. She has to be like 20 or maybe even 30.
Jim: That is exactly right, Presley.
Me (thinking it is quite funny to watch Jim squirm): Whatcha lookin for in the guy your gonna marry, Pres?
Presley: Well, the most IMPORTANT thing is that he knows what kind of drink you like.
Jim and I (thinking we may need to spend more time on this topic in the future): Oh Really?
Presley: Yeah, you know, Mom, like how Daddy knows you like Diet Coke, so he always surprises you with one from the store? Oh and it is real important that he doesn't steal.

This is where Jim and I usually stop talking and just listen. Presley gets on a roll, and she is just full of information. Here is what else she had to say about marriage.

Presley: The boy you marry also has to do a lot of stuff. He has to take care of the kids and the woman. Just like Daddy does. Also, the most important thing is that he has to love God and have faith like Daddy does. (now she's getting it)
Grayson: I have a face. (He is good at interjecting his own opinion now and then.)
Presley: When people get married, it's kinda embarressing for us kids because they have to kiss each other in front of all those people....EWWW. They should have kids real fast because we kids are so much fun.
Me, AKA the woman: What do you want him to look like?
Presley (with the sweetest little grin): Well, he has to have green eyes, and brown spiky hair, and wear t-shirts.
Does that sound like anyone you know? Yep, sounds just like Daddy.

Here's to my precious, loving, meant just for me Man who knows exactly what my favorite drink is, who NEVER steals, who takes care of his kids and his woman, who loves God and has incredible faith, who is also very HOT with his green eyes, spiky hair, and his t-shirts. I love you, Jim. Thank you for showing our daughter what to look for in a husband when she is 20 or 30. I love you and I will be praying for you this week as you serve in Morocco. I'm gonna miss you like crazy, but I am so proud of you! I can't wait for you to get back so we can cuddle and I can hear all about your trip. I love you, Jim Bob!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Nats and Butterflies

Presley has just been soaring through Kindergarten this year! Yes, as a nat and as a butterfly! Last week, we attended her last NATS ceremony for the school year at Nat Williams Elementary. NATS stands for Nice and Terrific Students. Each six weeks students are awarded for good behavior, attendance, and effort. During the ceremony, the principal and teacher present the students who qualify with a NATS t-shirt. Each time they make it, they get a paw print added to their shirt. The fun part is that the parents cheer for their child and then get to put the t-shirt on their child. I am so proud of Presley!Mommy and Daddy at the ceremony with our little NAT!
Last Friday, she and her Kinderfriends soared through the entire building for Monarch Migration. She got to soar right through my classroom, too! Have I mentioned how much I love the fact that we are at the same school? I can't believe that her Kindergarten year will end in a few weeks. That means I will have a first grader!!! Okay, more on that later...can't talk about it right now!

Monarch Migration

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Son the Superhero!

I have become very educated recently on the world of superheroes. Until about three or so months ago I could have probably identified Superman, Batman, and Spiderman in a line up but that would be about as much as I knew about Superheroes, much to my husband's dismay I might add.
However, that was until my son woke up one morning, decided he was going to grow up, and trade his sweet stuffed animals he had slept with since infancy for little figurines wearing capes. Since the day I found out my second child would be a boy, mothers of sons have warned me with a smirk on their face about this day.
Until now, I have snickered in amusement at women tugging on the dirty little hands of little boys wearing cowboy boots with shorts in the mall. I may have even questioned a parent's amount of control of their children as they push their mask wearing sons in the grocery cart at Wal-Mart, explaining to every person they pass that this was all their sweet boy would agree to wear.
Yes, that was until now.
Now I am that mother.
Just this week the whole family went for a walk in our neighborhood with Grayson wearing his Superman suit, his cape, and his favorite green crocodile rain boots to top it all off. I didn't even flinch when passing cars would slow down just to get a good look. So far, we have succeeded in talking Grayson into wearing "real" clothes to school, but the minute we get home he turns into Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Aquaman, or Flash.
Last night he escaped the bathtub before Jim could get his p.j.s (Spiderman p.js, of course) on. He spent the next thirty minutes running around the house stark naked saying he was Flash. At least his costume was appropriate.
Where does he get this stuff? I'm pretty sure Jim or I have never told him who these superheroes are. It's funny how they are just born with this instinct, huh?
Here are some picture of my little superhero!

On our neighborhood stroll, we made our way to Mimi and G-dad's house. Mimi couldn't resist taking a picture of Superman before we continued on our walk.

It's especially fun when Spiderman puts on his very own little concert for us!
His very favorite superhero....Daddy!
Superman celebrated his third birthday with Uncle Coby who turned 29!
This superhero always comes to his sister's rescue! Aren't they sweet?