Sunday, April 18, 2010


Four? Four!?! Really? How is it even possible that my little man turned four this past week? Isn't it funny how four seems like such a humongous number when using it in terms of your baby's age? Grayson is such a joy in our life. I can't explain how many times a day he makes my heart skip a beat. He is really developing such a funny personality. He has become quite the comedian....and the charmer. My favorite thing he does these days is when out of the blue he says, "Mommy, I love you." So sincerely. So thoughtfully....He MEANS it. He FEELS it. He often will gently lay his head on my pregnant belly and whisper, "I love you, Ayven." It's like his own little private conversation with his baby sister. Sigh....that's my boy. Charming as he is, he certainly keeps us on our toes. He's definitely a wild man sometimes. I like to say he is ADVENTUROUS. He is also, hmmm, we will say, DETERMINED. He knows what he wants and will PERSERVERE through lots of "obstacles" to TRY to get it. He is witty and smart; tough, yet sensitive, too. He loves superheroes (good guys as he calls them), chocolate milk, and cuddling with his mommy and daddy. His favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1:9--Be Brave! God is with you! He quotes this scripture frequently, and even used it to persuade Presley to ride an elephant with him at the circus!
Knowing that Grayson will likely be our only son, it has made me cherish all things "BOY." Not to say that I didn't treasure them before, but it has given me a new appreciation for those ADVENTUROUS and DETERMINED characteristics he possesses. I pray that he will grow into a faithful man of God like his Daddy and that he will be strong, courageous, and determined through all of the adventures God has in store for him. I love you, G-Man!

April 13, 2006

April 13, 2010
P.S. I am going to make an earnest attempt to "catch up" on blogging this week, so stay tuned!! I have lots of blog-worthy news to share on pregnancy, Presley, Grayson, Ayven, and Jim!