Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Princess Presley

This time of year always makes me think of one of the most special times of my life. It was October of 2002 that I found out I was pregnant with Presley. I will never forget how I felt, but I could never put into words how thrilled I was. She was a very prayed for miracle. Today, as school was letting out, I looked up and there she was coming down the hallway with all the other big kids, wearing her backpack and a huge smile. My heart seriously skipped a beat...My baby isn't a baby anymore. Yes, she has been in Kindergarten for 10 weeks now, and we have both done wonderfully, but every now and then it hits me like it did on the first day of school, or on her birthday, or on some random Saturday when I realize she is doing something completely without my help! Do you mothers out there ever have those moments that just take you by surprise? Everything is going great, when all of a sudden something so tiny reminds you of how fast time flies?

I am so proud of my beautiful daughter. She is absolutely precious on the inside and out. I love the way those green eyes dance when she is telling me a story and how her sweet lips and that smile can light up a room. I will never get tired of seeing her change every five minutes into a different princess dress, or get tired of hearing her ask her daddy if she looks beautiful. I am so proud of the way she is beginning to think of others more than herself. Yesterday, she decorated an empty peanut butter jar with a picture of a little girl named Luana from Brazil. She then hunted for any change she could find to put in the jar so we can send it to Luana. Today, she spent what seemed like forever looking for the perfect prize from the treasure box in my classroom to give to Grayson. She then spent the evening playing with him and taking care of him since his tummy hurt. My heart leaped for joy tonight when I started to say our goodnight prayers, and she stopped me and said, "Mom, I want to say the prayer tonight." She preceded to pray the sweetest, most genuine prayer.
I LOVE THIS GIRL! I am so thankful God shares His precious princess Presley with us.


kristen lewis said...

I remember her birthday like it was yesterday. She is truly a gift.

Fortner Family said...

She is so beautiful!! You do have a precious gift from God!!

Bonky's Mom said...

That picture...she is absolutely gorgeous!

And her sensitive spirit and heart are surely reflections of you and Jim's example of showing the fruits of the spirits and Christ's love as you parent.

Jennifer-Colley said...

so sweet! had fun with u today!